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Apr 13, 2007
San Diego
I found this site yesterday while looking for some tech info on my 80. It's a 94 and I've had it for about 7 months now and I absolutely love it. It has 184k miles on it but it she still runs strong and purrs gently.

We took her down to Baja Mex last weekend and it was the first time I took her through deep sand. After getting stuck, I realized it might be a good idea to install some lockers. I've been trying to find as much information as possible on my rig but can't find info on what diff came standard on mine. Can someone help me out with that differentials are the fr and rr on a 94 fj80?


did you air down? I can go just about anywhere in sand with only the CDL on... maybe you might want to get some more time in sand before you plunk down the big $$? Of course, lockers are great but not so critical for sand I think.
Do you have one of these?


or one of these?


If you don't have the 2nd switch, you do not have front/rear lockers on your rig.

Here are a couple threads for you...

Happy reading, post pics! Welcome... :flipoff2:
Step 1 in sand is to air down... if you were at street pressures, you're gonna sink in the deep stuff and feel really bogged down. You need to "float" on top of it... the only way to do that is to air down or get wider tires.
I don't run on the beach or in sand but if I did, what tire pressure should I run?
I use 18-15 psi depending on the depth of the sand...

You're in trouble now you've found this site. It's a good place to learn how to spend your $$$.

Add a signature line and location info. It lets folks know where you're from and vehicle options / mods you have. It's sometimes helpful when asking questions about your LC.

Have fun.
This is the right place for tech info. welcome
knock, knock... stuckthrottle, you home?
Yeah I'm here!
Thanks for all the replies. This site rules. :D

I do not have that CDL switch/knob, bummer. I didn't air down since I was able to drive around the sand with no problem and it wasn't until I got into a 'weird spot', front diff tilted one way, rear was completely the other, that I noticed the lack of a locker.
I'm used to driving in the sand, although at slightly faster speeds (while racing or pre-running through the desert), so simply cruising around is something new to me, and I love it!
I'll check out the links a little later, just wanted to check in for now. Thanks again.

Victor F.

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