SOLD Hi Bellingham WA - 1977 FJ55

Mar 31, 2019
Selling my FJ55. Located in Bellingham. 66k km on the ODO.

Almost all original except for upholstery and the brakes. I had the 4 drums converted to disc by Landcruiser Specialists Torfab out of Everett WA.

I had another 77’ and took the rims to replace the original split rim tube tires (which I’d throw in) New AT Grabber tires with less then 300 miles on em. I have other bits and bobs from the donor 77’ and will send em your way also.

I drove this rig up from Guatemala and had it imported, titled, and registered here in Washington State. I have the old Guatemalan plates to prove it.

3 speed, straight 6, beautiful rig. Garaged for the last few years of her life.

She has some body rust and some bondo work from when I bought her. All the usual suspects, no doubt. Overall she is pretty clean though. Never a full resto done but not completely molested either. Definitely stock.

It has a cool homemade wooden slotted rack with a ladder that’s really fun as well.

I don’t want to sell her but it’s probably time to let her go.

I’d love to chat about it if you have any interest.







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