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Dec 28, 2010
Central PA
Im embarrassed to post about this,ut I'm new to auto repair, so I was hoping some of you could help.

I just replaced my sealed beams with Round-eyes. I replaced the lights in the 60 I recently bought because the hi-beams were out and the low-beams were pretty dim. So I just installed the Round-Eyes and still no hi-beams. The indicator on the dash comes on, but the lights just turn off? Any ideas?

Wind shield Washer:
When i bought the 60 in Dec they didn't work. I figured I just needed a new motor. This 60 has headlight washers and they work, so I am guessing the switch is good. I bought a washer motor from Cruiser Parts, installed it, and nothing. I'm thinking the first thing I should check in to see if any power is coming through to the motor. Again, I'm new to all of this, so how do i do this? There isn't a separate fuse for the motor, is there?

Thanks again

1987 FJ60

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