Hi, all new member love the info

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May 14, 2009
Bundaberg, Queensland
Hi all,
Since buying an 83 BJ42 I thought I had better join up.

Picked it up for $2800 AUD and drives better than my 105 (exept for the 3B powerhouse).
Factory air and speed holes (rust) in the usual places and 5 speed. Only 287,000km barely run in
So go gentle on me.

Boat and little truck 005.jpg
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It is a work ute has cruise (I do 1500km per week), stock except for the huge 225's (lol),radios, gps etc
3.0 diesel only good for 165kph in 4th gear!

I had to delete 2 other pics to show the lux
oh well
Deepwater NP 001.jpg
For more photos you'll have to either join up here as a payed member (as I haven't yet) or get something like a free photobucket account (like I use).

What are your plans for the BJ? Do tell me you are going to keep the lovely (tractor) 3B powerhouse?:D

In your photos, the speed holes don't look too bad at all- where have you got the cancer?
Yeah that's my driveway, why? palm trees don't grow in Melb..lol

I'll probably leave this one pretty stock for now.
I'm thinking in the future when the old 3B annoys me enough I will yank it out and drop in a 1HZ or mechanical 1HD-FT or even a 1FZ-FE and a fibreglass body (has been on or near the beach all it's life). Then I'll give it to my young bloke (he is only 8) to drive around...maybe I'll buy him a crappy one for him to fix up and drop the 3B into it so he can't go too fast....lol

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