Hi all, need feedback on evaporator assembly repairs

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Jan 7, 2022
Bend, OR
Need advice on whether to proceed with repairs at the dealer (central Oregon/US) or just let it be.

2011 LC. Started having some sporadic issues with the climate system; it would not turn on until the vehicle was well-warmed-up. The mechanic at the local Toyota dealership said rodents have been in the heater box assembly and damaged things. They cannot find the part; it is out of production apparently and there are none in the country. Part number is 8705060490 "Evaporator assembly w/o cold spec w/cool box". It's a $4,000 part apparently.

Their fallback is taking the box out and trying to clean/restore it. They want the car for the whole week. The service writer is unsure what they will accomplish.
Should I just wait for the part being available?

Meanwhile, after the last time it was in for this and they fiddled around with things, the climate controls are working more confidently. They occasionally have the delay, but generally work find upon startup.

Insurance will pay for this via comprehensive. The total bill was in the area of $6000 but that was with the part being available to purchase.

Rodent 1.jpeg

Rodent 2.jpeg

Rodent 3.jpeg

Rodent 4.jpeg

Rodent 5.jpeg


  • Land Cruiser inspection report..pdf
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Are these pictures of the recirculate flap behind the glove box? Kinda looks that way.. if so, it would depend on what is chewed. Many, many of us have flaps that did not have rodent damage, but were destroyed by dealers themselves, checking condition of the cabin filter without using the correct procedure.

Thing is I haven’t heard of a bad recirc flap causing a delay in AC operation, usually just strange behavior from the vents or window defrost not working.

You can easily check the recirc flap operation yourself. Open glove box, remove the black door in the back, then with the ignition on hit the recirculate button on your AC and see whether the upper door over the filter moves forward and backward with the button. If not, your flap may have rodent AND dealer damage. That repair is covered on this board quite a bit, and is not difficult.

Cleaning the rodent crap out is a different matter.. but shouldn’t need a full dash removal. Even if they got past the filter into the fan assembly, the fan motor and wheel can be dropped out the bottom for better access to clean that area, again without removing the dashboard.
Looking at the inspection report that mentions the recirculation servo motor not working, @bloc may be on the right track. Fixing that might be a first step?

Did the rodents make it inside the cabin?

If a needed part is out of production, will it ever be available?
All they have told me is that the part is no longer in production. I assume it might become available via used market in the future.

No sign of rodent intrusion in the cabin, so far.

Thank you @Sandroad and @bloc for your helpful responses.

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