HG Pictures, Opinions?

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Sep 20, 2003
Doing a PM HG replacement on my 97 with 158,000 of which 115,000 of those miles were boosted. I was surprised on how much HG distortion was around No. 1 & No. 6 pistons. What do you all think?

I'm ready to start cleaning the block surface. I'm doing the blade scraper, 400 grit wet/dry, grease around the piston tops and shop vac method.

Head Gasket Replacement 032.jpg
Head Gasket Replacement 033.jpg
Wow, that looks like a lot (to this untrained eye)

Can you explain the block cleaning method? I'm getting ready to do my HG in a couple weeks and I haven't read anything in particular about how to clean up the block. Thanks and good luck with the rest of the project!
I have researched the site for the "correct" method of cleaning the block. There seems to be several different opinions. I discussed the best method with the machine shop I'm using, Mile High Performance. They have an excellent rep in Denver. They suggested using a razor blade and 120 grit emery cloth with a block. They also stated that scotch brite may leave small waves on the block surface. 120 grit seems a bit aggressive for me so I going with Landtanks method of 400 grit wet/dry socked in isopropyl alchohol. A SHARP razor blade with get the big stuff and I'll follow with the 400 grit. The grease around the cylinder walls will act as a barrier for any grit that falls into the piston area. The goal is to protect the rings from any dirt. I'll do my best to catch any grit with a shop vac.

A shop vac works well to protect your cylinders from getting junk build up at the rings. Just put the hose in there and it will suck the scrapings that fall down.

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