HFS Has Arrived: I'm Drooling!

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Jun 20, 2005
My 4" HFS lift kit has arrived. I am hoping a wrenching weekend can be scheduled soon at the annual meeting - Or if someone has the space and supervisory skills, just help me along. I really don't have a safe place to install at home. I have some tools like grinder, cut off wheel and BFH, and torch if needed for pesky bolts. Kit comes will all - shocks, boots, and greasable shackles. And no Eric, I am holding off on the high steer arms at your recommendation. We'll see how it does just with the 4" lift. Any help is welcome from this desk job type cruiserhead.

Charlie V.:bounce2:
hey charlie,
i will be putting a lift on jakes 40 in the next month...need to finish paint..hopefully this weekend!!..put in the new metal tech cage....reinstall doors, hood and new weather stripping than on to the lift...i know its a long drive but once i finish his we could roll yours into the garage and get it put on....after jakes i will at least have some experience...let me know...i am close enough to emporia that we might even get chris to help....let me know
Congrats Charlie...Although there was something pretty cool about you wheelin your 40 with stock suspension.

Hey did I see you driving down the turnpike pulling a military trailer a few weeks back?
Yes, that was me. I bought Mr. Shea's (Shotgun?) M416 trailer there in Topeka. Now I can bring even more comforts to campsites.
[/quote].i know its a long drive but once i finish his we could roll yours into the garage and get it put on....after jakes i will at least have some experience...let me know...i am close enough to emporia that we might even get chris to help....let me know

This sounds like a possibility - Could put the M416 through its first workout by bringing everything your way.
We figured we'd set a date at the meeting. I'm trying to plan a trip to Germany to see the kids this spring as well as going on a cruise Friday (business related, of course :D). It may have to slip into March as we also have a track meet to go to at Iowa St on 2/11 - 2/12. Man the schedule fills up quick!
little red to big red

Ok charlie,
When do you want to raise that beast and who wants to help? I don't have anything scheduled on weekends in the immediate future so you can pretty much pick a weekend.
Did the kit come with new u-bolts?
Lemme know when you want to do it
Might be able to do it Feb. 26th if you are free that weekend? I can bring grinder, torch, wrenches, grease and two jack stands. Anything else? I have greasable shackles, shocks, etc. as part of the whole kit. One thing I do not have are extended brake lines if they are needed. I have additional shims if needed (have some already on due to six inch shackles currently on truck). Let me know if the 26th is do-able.
Does that kit include new u-bolts? We might have to burn the old ones off. Does the manufacturer recomend loner brake lines? Check instructions! it's been so long since I've seen stock brake lines I forgotten how long they are. What condition are the old lines in? You might want to replace them anyhow. Are you wanting to do it on a Sunday?
Yes it includes ubolts. Thought I could cut out the old ones with the grinder - saw Erik and Zane do that. The instructions are pretty worthless - as in too general. I would like new steel braided lines, is this something easily had at an auto store? Saturday was my intent. Thanks Craig!
New u-bolts are a good thing. I don't know if braided lines are available locally or not, mine came from Spector. Saturday, February 25 is good.I like Saturdays because if we were to get in trouble we have time to work through it. Anytime is fine the earlier the better. We can take a look at that heater if you want!

We will need brake fliud.
I''m pretty well equipped but bring whatever tools you think you might need, don't mess with the torch as I have one.
Make sure you bring the instructions. We will need to look at them when we are done to see if we installed them right, that's probably about all they're good for.

I can get at least three in the shop, if anyone else has a project and is free that day
Yes, I'd be happy to help with any other project someone would like to do that day - we can call it a miniture wrenching weekend. (oh, and I think the heater is too far gone, I believe there are too many pieces missing).
Hey tranewreck, mike c, or don pee,
I think you all have 4" lifts on your toys. Did you have to change out the rubber brake line hoses or alter the drive shaft lengths when you installed the lifts.

I mooved the mounting location for the frunt, on the frame forward, on both mine and Derrick's. I had ta put a longer hose on mine, I think it is just fer a rear application. Derrick's seems fine at full droop. But his frunt shocks is shorter an may be the limit of droop.
I ain't hadda do a dang thing to the rear.
C Ya, Don P.
Are you reading the handwriting on the wall? Better talk to Erik and see if he has part numbers.

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