HF2AV transfer case, 100 series and 80 series interchangable? (1 Viewer)

Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
Does anybody know if the HF2AV from a 97 80 series is interchangeable with a HF2AV from a 98 100? the t-case from the 80 woudl be going in the 100. don’t mind swapping over accessory pieces like drive shaft flanges or the actuator and brackets and what not, but a different connection to the transmission or something similar would be a deal killer.

Thanks for any info :beer:


Jul 12, 2005
Boulder Foothills, CO
You will be installing a viscous coupler in the 100. All the 100 series I have seen do not have th big output tail housing that hold the VC. I have not taken a t-case off the 100 series yet, but do not see the swap as a problem. Two areas of concern is the output flange to the rear may be different as the 100 series drive shaft uses the same u-joint as the front instead of the big u-joint that is on the 80 drive shaft, I think the flange is the same, but could be wrong. You may have to shorten the rear drive shaft a few inches to accomadate the length of the VC. Trannies are the same family, as well as the t-case, both should be the spud shaft style that will just pull off the tranny after removing the 6 bolts. Just my thoughts, but not totally sure. good luck robbie

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