HF2A Sumo overdrive transfer gears installed and not adding up?

Oct 6, 2011
New South Wales, Australia
Anyone else installed a set of Sumo overdrive (not underdrive) gears to their transfer case and have seen some real world results (as in like for like setup only difference being the gears), exactly how many RPM did you drop at 60mph/100kmh and what is your drive train setup (auto, manual, diff ratio etc so i can do the math)?

I've fitted a set to mine and honestly i don't think they've made much difference, claims are allegedly 9-10% overdrive from stock 1:1 gears which should equal to around 200rpm drop at 60mph/100kph with my stock 4.3 diffs and 5 speed H151F but i think I'm lucky to have dropped 50rpm?

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