HF2A Bearing Preload Shim Kit P/N

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Apr 29, 2011
Boulder, Utah
I just called Cruiser Outfitters and they couldn't help me. I'm replacing the rear output case on my HF2A (1990 HDJ81) to chase a constantly loosening output bearing. This also involved breaking my would-not-budge oil pump plate during disassembly....so now I have all new mating parts and therefore will almost certainly need some new shims to properly preload the bearings in the main case.

I also seem to have lost one of the larger shims that set on the oil pump plate (I only have one instead of two), so even if my dimensions are dead equal to the previous setup I'm still short a shim! Or maybe that shim wasn't there which is part of what caused my problems to being with.

Anyone have a source or P/Ns for these?!?
Beno, my local toyota parts professionals can't look anything up on an HDJ81, or so they say, so they aren't often much help. They did say that shims are available but must be ordered individually depending on thickness, no kit available, which means I'm out at least another 7-10 days after I get my new pump plate in.....or I just go source a random shim kit with similar ID/OD/thicknesses. This is turning into quite the ordeal!

Jon, unfortunately I live 2.5 hours each way from the nearest auto parts store, nothing is "easier and quicker" in the last town in the Lower 48 to get it's mail delivered by mule. This transfer has been rebuilt/regeared but for some reason has a recurring rear bearing loosening problem which is why I'm rebuilding the entire rear end including casing (already switched to a Tom Woods DC rear shaft and adjusted pinion angles).
Do you have a friendly neighborhood mold shop nearby? This would be a building with a few crusty old machinists called toolmakers and a bunch of fancy machines including a few wire EDM's?

If so, what you do next is you figure out what you want to see in your "shim selection" thicknesswise then you go to McMaster-Carr - https://www.mcmaster.com/shim-stock/shim-stock-6/ and order up 6" x 50 ft rolls in each of the thicknesses you need. Feel free to splurge on red label shipping. Mcmasters has superbly fair shipping rates.

When your rolls of shim stock arrive use some scissors for the real thin ones, tin snips for the thicker ones, and cut out a ton of 6" squares from the rolls. Then stack them all up in one pile. Get two pieces of 1/4" steel plate, place one piece on each side of the shim stack. drill a 3/16" hole in one corner through all the plates and shims. Install a #10 or M5 machine screw and nut. Drill and bolt the next corner and the next until you have 4 bolted corners.

Now take that shimstock sandwich and one of your old shims down to the crusty old toolmakers in the mold shop and ask one of the guys what they think it would take to wire cut the shape of your old shim out of that shim sandwich. You might hit it off well if you ask what kind of beer he and his guys like and ask if you could see what they do in the back.

With any luck you'll have a lifetime supply of HF2AV shimstock sets for about $200 total investment and they will be even nicer than the punched or laser cut ones Toyota sells.

Or you call the dealer and order them individually.

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