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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Just back from a couple days in Attica...watch for a couple digis of my junk flopped hard on Purgatory...looks like it's time for the air nibbler to even out the damage on both sides...

Anyways, just a quick howdy and intro to things....

IH8MUD is my license plate on my FJ40....has been since 1990 or 1989. Picked it cause I was initially too lazy to wash my rig after a weekend, and it continues to fit since my primary addition is rocks, bigger and badder the better.

Site started Sept 2000 when I got sick of searching for links to tech. &nbsp:Decided to start putting them all in one place. Well, after two years, things mushroomed. I launched the Forum in October 2002 because, honestly, I was sick-tired of getting emails with questions and frankly, I have a paying job. (Technically, IH8MUD.com is my pet site, my entire income from it is about 50 cents per sticker sold....lol)

So I launched the forum...and it slowly grew and picked up. I frequent here and PBB and lurk on about 10-12 other sites, depending on my mood. I'm pretty much "woody" everywhere, but occaionally "woodysfj40".

I relocated the site to birfield.com in November/December 2002. Speed went up hugely, and traffic on the site has been a consistent 1 million hits a month for 2003. birfield.com also hosts TLCA.org and the LCML, along with a few other things. For me, it's free, but donations are welcome since traffic costs $$. :D

Future wise.....I hope to have the SOR disc late next week and will begin to see what's "pullable" from there. Additionally, I'm going to explore installing the "next" vesion of YaBB to see if some of the hang bugs are resolved...I occasionally get those too, but I see from some posts that everyone has noted the security adjustments that are required. YaBB also has a php version, but I've had no luck with the install....maybe now it the time to push the server admins to get that resolved, but I also hear occasionally that the php version is not as secure as the perl version...have to see.

A new site logo is in process too, one that doesn't feature my snow-covered junk and one that will transform into a sticker or other junk easier.

And finally, thanks a ton for all your patience and support. This site and it's upkeep is a second hobby behind my FJ40, tho sometimes barely. I do answer emails, usually promptly, but I do like to spend my evenings in the shop dropping weld spatter into my shoes and listening to it sear into my feet, so there are times where emails might not get an immediate response.

happy trails!!!
Apr 4, 2013
Springfield, OR
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@woody Welcome to the forum...14 years ago. I'm Sure I speak for all of us on the forum when I say thank you for this great forum. This is not just a forum full of invaluable tech as was your original intention; but it is also a meeting place for some of the best minds around. This forum is a platform that has allowed the Land cruiser and other vehicles product lines to expand. It has been a place where many new ideas and products have been birthed and has allowed some people to quit their day jobs or at least bring in additional income doing what they love. We all appreciate what you've done here. Much respect and admiration brother Woody.


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Mar 29, 2003
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Wow, dug deep there @nukegoat -

I read a good 6-8 lines thinking Wood was reformatting before the :idea: moment.
(It all sounded familiar, the name, the flop, etc.)

He posted this same day I joined here, during the migration / "invitation to leave" from SOR.

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