Hey CV8/700R4 or 4L80 guys. I need some measurements

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Aug 15, 2006
Windsor, CO
Swapping in a Chevy TBI 350/700R4 later this summer. But, I am currently doing the SOA on the FJ60. This is a low SOA. Only running 33s. I setup up the front axle without a cut and turn because I knew it was going to be low, and I knew I was swapping in the V8/700R4.

I need to know a front driveshaft measurement if possible with just the stock case or a single rear case. Mainly just flange to flange. Mine currently has a stock CV front shaft in it. I am toying with the idea of a 203/205 doubler if I need the extra driveshaft length, but am not quite sure since most of the threads I have searched show a longer than stock shaft with the drivetrain swap.

Can you also let me know if you front axle is in the stock location? Mine was moved 2" forward with the shackle reversal I built.

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Nope thats the front shaft. Toyota transfer case and klune underdrive. oops forgot to mention that. Sorry, Im no help. The klune site says it adds 6 1/2 .

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