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Jul 28, 2019
Hi looking to try sort out the issue with the beast hesitating. Engine was running great after the rebuild then it got a hesitation. Then it went away and now it is back. It is petrol/lpg and only hesitates on petrol
3F Australian so no smog gear, 3000km at this point, new rubber fuel lines throughout and no leaks at any fittings, all vacuum hoses tested for leaks but will be getting replaced with silicone regardless, new fuel filter, electric inline fuel pump, cheap Chinese Ebay carby which was running fine and is only on while the OEM is rebuilt, new alternator, I may have missed things that have been replaced
I am hoping it isnt the tiny ecm behind the kick-panel they are not cheap

It was running great on Saturday morning then after a brief stop in traffic at around 37mph(60kmph) it started coughing sputtering and being not very happy, switched to lpg and it ran fine. Tried switching it back to petrol a few times with the same issue. Tried to start it on petrol and same issue. Swapped out the fuel pump and the issue moved up to 50mph(80kmph) kept foot flat on the floor and it struggled and struggled but I got it past the hesitation point and it was fine above 55mph(90kmph)

Any insights greatly appreciated.

Now I am off to find the electrical short in the 4lo circut.

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