Here's a good Wiper arm question.. What say you afficianodo's??

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Dec 18, 2004
Maple Grove MN
I am looking at wiper arms for my 62.

The item is off of a right hand drive vehicle.

It is also a 60 as opposed to my 62.

Should I buy?

Are they compatible considering it is a right hand drive?

And is a 60 wiper arm comptatible/interchangable with a 62.... I think that one is a yes.
Do you want a picture of HJ61 RHD wiper arms?
I would say that they would have to be different.
the reasons being that yours would wipe the opposite direction across the screen than ours, there fore the angle where it leaves the pivot would have to be different. And secondly every other gawd dang thing it different so why shouldn't they be!

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