Here Piggy...Piggy...Piggy

Dec 23, 2004
Fredericksburg ,TEXAS
I wish I had never sold my 75. Now I want her back.
At least shes' still in Texas. Some LSLC guys wheeling her around now.

So now I'm LOOKING again. For a pig that is.

I have a fresh Chevy 350 with a TH400.

Who has a pig for me to put it in?

Please let me know if there's a pig for sale
in TX, OK, NM, CO or yes, even ARK....and points in between.

"Gona build another one for the kids, honey" Yea, Right! It's all for the kids!

Shoot me an email with what ya got.
Ive got lots of parts so any condition
is ok.

Nov 6, 2005
This little piggy went to the market, and could be yours. This pig has spent its whole life in the southwest and is practically rust free. I emailed you the details. Location: Southern Utah
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