Here is another one i am looking at

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Feb 11, 2004
Big D
1969 Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 **NEED TO SELL**

he doesn't know the mileage on the 40 or the 350 but says he has no problems with it. he drives it on a regular basis and there is no rust. its been in OK all its life. he's also throwing in another 69' parts rig for another $500. 3sp on the floor, 350, manual steering, hardtop, been repainted once the original color. 4x4 works fine. just doesn't need it anymore. I am trying to find someone in OK to take a look at it for me but i can't seem to locate anyone. my kids seem to like the red more then the tan plus the side jerry can holder is pretty sweet. he is sending me more pics of the interior and under the mats of the floorpans.

If it actually has no rust, runs good and all the running gear IS in good shape it seems to be a good deal. Personally, the first thing I'd do is relocate that jerry can, but that's just me. Good luck with it if you do get it !!:cheers:
From the looks, that one is nicer than that one for 8500, anyway, that jerry can thing needs to go. and i wouldn't offer him another 500 for a parts rug. if he is getting rid of the one rig, why would he keep a parts rig ? IF you decide this one is the ONE .. offer him say 3800 for both ... and see where he stands.

The biggest mistake most buyers make is making a fast decision..

I say if it is meant to be, then it will be. only a rare few out there that you really need to jump on fast or lose ...

Just my .02 worth... Good luck on the search ... :beer:
PM Texican

He runs a Cruiser shop in Bonham. He's one of the Masters of Cruiserdom.

(in addition to my other posts to your quest in other threads)

No heater is needed in Texas. As for the parts rig i don't really need it but there is another guy that wants it so i am really only paying $4500 for that 69. I am suppose to get pics today but i saw where Ok city got hit pretty hard yesterday with tornadoes so i don't think he was able to snap some pics. I am not as a big of a hurry anymore. I am going to drive my brother-in-laws 87' 60 until the right one comes along.
P.M.ed you back.Set to meet at noon south of Seminole.Shoot back your phone # so I can play by play the inspection and you can hear this thing run.

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