Herculiner In Progress.............

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Jul 8, 2007
Seattle, WA.
Here we go! Second cruiser I've herculined. Was really impressed with how the first one came out. Here's pics!! I'll post more later when it's all done.
Looks great. I can't tell from the pix, but are you doing the body-panel sides, too?

How did you prep the surface?
just roughed up all the metal with sandpaper and then vacuumed it all up. i made some side panels out of MDF and herculined those too.
mixture of both. rolling over the big parts and then blotting with a brush to make it look better. gonna do a final thick coat and should be good.
One thing to remember..............Its hard to get off people !! Did the underside of my 40 and I had freckles for weeks
does the noise level change?

I'm looking towards the smooth durabak

yeah, you hear more from back there. especially driving in the rain, you hear the water being splashed up against the underside of the wheel wells. it's hard to beat carpet.
been thinking of doing the same to mine. i've got no carpet past the back seat and my panels are made of wood. how much herculiner did it take to do the entire compartment and how long? how bad is the residual odor and how long does it linger? i haul my 2 yr old daughter around and don't want to expose her to any noxious fumes. thanks.
If you redo your carpet, go with some thick padding. I just did my carpet and had them throw away the stuff that came with my kit and they used some thick padding which helped quiet down the cab.

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