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Mar 23, 2010
Long story short. Doing a swivel hub rebuild. I'm trying to get the lower king pin out. I got it to drop about 3/8 of an inch now it won't budge. Any ideas before I lose the plot. This is my first time doing a swivel hub.
You could try using a pry bar to apply some pressure from different angles, sometimes it can become a little cocked on its way out and bind up. Make sure your pry bar has no burrs and if you use one check all machined surfaces for bruises and scratches afterwards, you will want to tidy them up before re-assembly.
You don't need to remove the lower king pin at all. Leave it on.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
You don't need to remove the lower king pin at all. Leave it on.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids

What about replacing the kingpin bearing? Or can it be replaced with the kingpin still attach to the knuckle housing? I've always stripped everything down when I've done knuckles. It's been a little while since I've done a front end but I have one coming up.
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Unless you've got damage/seized, rust or bad mud/dirt/sand in that bearing it shouldn't need replacing.
It also leads you into shimming and alignment which could cause you heart ache in the future of you don't get it right.
It's very easy to remove the bottom trunion bearing without pulling the cap off the knuckle. Use a chisel and hit the bearing at the race. It'll pop right off. Saves time and trouble.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Thanks guys, I got it out. Removed the studs, and used two cold chisels as wedges. Popped right out, found that the cap had been installed with a huge burr on. Cleaned it all up with a file, going in and out without a problem now.

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