Help with spare tire carrier mount question

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Sep 27, 2016
Bakersfield, Ca
Ok- Need some help/advice here. Today, I was going over all my photos in detail and I also visited another FJ40 build going on in my town and took the 2nd photo after I realized my spare tire carrier mounting configuration wasn’t the same. The first pic is mine as most of you know from my build during body work and mock up. The second photo is from today (the ‘72 resto being done here in my town also). My mounts with the bolt are bolted where the stud bolt and nut face down. The one I saw today is mounted with stud/bolt upright? Mine can’t be right? Will this matter? I will tell you, everything on mine mocked up perfect though? I can tell that the pieces that mount to the door on mine have the stud, the pieces that mount to the doors on his are the slide in/female part. Do I have the correct ‘66 spare tire carrier parts?


Geometrically- I’m wondering if I have a left handed carrier? :(

@Jason Reed ,

It looks to me like you have a passenger side carrier, so not to worry. Note that the notch on the upper left corner of the carrier in both arrangements is the same.

I believe Toyota made a design change to the hinges when they updated the carrier panel. Yours have the welded hinge shaft on the carrier hinge, while the newer design has the shaft welded to the quarter panel hinge.
Thank you @73FJ40. Sounds like I’m good to go and I have the old style. Man, the upside down thing threw me off for sure.

If you removed the carriers and weighted them you would realize how much heavier the Pre-72 model is. 72 was first year Toyota lightened the metal. Ribs in the later style help provide strength. Lighter metal was more then just the spare tire carrier.

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