Help with rpm gauge not working

Jun 7, 2012
Hi Danny, Hellgate and everyone..

We''ve just got back from a little steam excursion and I'm still running around chasing my tail trying to catch up on things...
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Oh.. And on this trip (the day before yesterday) I spotted the latest acquisition by the New Zealand Army - Flash eh? (Just to show that I haven't lost interest in the 4x4 scene.)
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But here's some tachometer information I've quickly found (of the stuff that's still have available to me here).

This appeared in Toyota literature in 1980 to show off the "new technology" that was then being included in the new 60-series (and that would be similarly applied to the outgoing 40-series and the HJ47 model):
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Is this of any help?

Cheers - Tom
Thanks Tom it's all good information

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