help with my Mel's Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit

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Apr 24, 2010
hello people, I tell them to buy into Outfitters a Mel's Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for my TLC FJ40 1980, everything is fine until installing the tachometer readings are correct and this is apparently that the signal sent Mel's Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit is not sufficient to move the tachometer, someone can help me find the solution to this problem.

Best regards

What tachometer? How did it connect to the stock ignitor? Most aftermarket tachometers pick the signal off of the - side of the coil. This signal will be the same regardless of what type of ignitor you are driving it with.
The tachometer is an Autometer Pro-comp 5821 and is connected to the coil
negtive of Mel's Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit comes with a positive
and a negative. The negative is connected to the coil negative and
positive power switch.

Tachometers have 3 leads, a + power wire, a - ground wire and the signal pick up wire that connects to the coil -. If it worked before you switched ignitors, it should work now, unless it coincidentally went bad.
hello, and found the problem with my tachometer ... sorry but I had not noticed that the tachometer was for on VERTEX MAGNETO OAC IGNITION.

Now, the question I have, you can adapt this to a conventional ignition tachometer?

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