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Oct 25, 2005
Hagerstown MD
hello local four wheelers.

I became I believer of Toyota's as kid riding in my Grandad's FJ-wagon back in the seventies. I finally got my hands on a project and need advice.
It's a 78' FJ-40 with a newer lift kit (springs and shackles) the body tub has had some prior work done to it as the rear floor is smooth with no corrigation and a 1x1" frame underneath. frame looks good with some minor flaking on one side.
1/4 panels are bubbling and floor at far left side has some signs of rust through.

number one problem the Tub it was shot with Line X from the front doors back. Talk about a lot of stripping! front and rear bumpers are custom made and quite nice but again shot. with line X. cost of repair panels is almost to price of a new body. With out all of the welding and work. I am restoring a VW beetle currently it is taking up all of my panel repair patience.

I've looked at the Alumin. tubs and they seem really nice although a little bit of cash. Shipping seems to come from the manufacturer in B.C. "aqualu" .
I'm quessing that they are the only company making them as all of the vendors online show the same bodies and options. I quessing that the shipping to MD would be quite a bit??? should one order from the manufacturer or from a vender? What about the prep work for paint. I understand it is very extensive and difficult.

The biggest problem I have is getting this thing on the Road. I can stave off the body until later. My engine is in peices. the head was redone by a prior owner and was done supposively with chevy valve train valves and such. there are dual valves springs on the head and it does appear to have been reworked.
I also have a HEI distributor set up.
What I don't have is a camshaft and all the gaskets freeze plugs and bearings.
The crank should probably be turned or polished and the block was cooked but has a bit of surface rust on it now. I have several boxes of parts but don't know if I have all of the nickel and dime you to death parts. Not to mention the carb is gone.

Should I rebuild this engine? or part the sucker out? I would love to go SB chevy or ford but the kits kind of put me off. the money envolved to change this and that driveshafts etc. etc. cut the floor. doesn't appeal to me.
The nicest way (and what seems the easiest and most $$$) I found is to do a Ranger 2 speed unit with a small block mounting. that way I can keep my 4sp and not have to change drshfts and tranny placement.

Better Still does anyone have a drop in engine? running good compression???
I would get me on the road. and save me time and money. I would love a V8. but want some good advice from some FJ people.

My buddy has been into CJ's for years and has spent countless thousands on his inline six only to get fed up with it and swap in a AMC v8, He has bought and paid for a seriously built chevy and all the goodies several times over. I don't want to make the same mistake!!!! Thanks for all of your help. Kenn
Sep 2, 2004
check this out..

seems like a nice tub.. notice his comment , "after a year and a half".

I am planning a similiar project but I will use the 2.5 years plan because I have my 55 to wheel :D

I will keep my eyes open for a 2F....

IMO, if you're pressed for time and the body can wait, send the engine over to Jim Chenwoitz. Since you need a carb anyway, might as well have him go through it and then plop it back in there to drive it. He is and is out of Columbus so the transit is reasonable.

this thread is worthless without pictures :idea: Post a pic of your junk :flipoff2: (MUD salute :grinpimp: )

what kind of wagon did you used to ride in?

many hits using the search function for aqualu tubs BTW :cheers:
Oct 25, 2005
Hagerstown MD
Same in your pic

thanks for your help. My Grandad's wagon was a 55; I believe thats the one on your picture w/ your handle. I think it was white and red> I remeber it rode like his military power wagon, I used to think it was an army truck until I was much older.

Well the body thing Can wait awhile I guess. I got fiber glass top sides and ambulance doors for this project. The doors I have aren't too bad, I'm still working on them now, I'll plate the bottm skin 1.5", as it wasstarting to come through so I decided to go ahead and fix them properly. Man, I can believe how much people are getting for repalcement panels. What a F@#king rip off!! I tell you if I knew for sure that the market for this trucks was large enough and sustainable I'd manufacture that crap ands sell it for at least half of what they are selling it for.
I thought parts for my Triumph bikes were expensive and heck they come over from England. I tell you whats worse is the fact that every part on the body of that truck Less the fenders is almost completely flat with no relief.

The people stamping this stuff out are making alaot of dough if there are alot of folks buying their product. I quess there in lies the problem.

Yeah I'm really thinking of keeping the six provided I can find all the stuff I need on a used or didn;t use basis ie. cheap(er).

There is a land Cruiser parts swap scheduled for Nov. 5th at JMU parking lot (in Stauton VA I believe). It's about an hour south of Winchester VA on I-81S.
The Capital Land Cruiser guys are doing it. You should let your mates in on the dates, check out the link to their forum though IH8.

I'll be pilfering through my boxes next week to see what major parts I need. I know I need a cam and Carb. poss a flywheel. dunno yet.

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