Help with identifying a part....any advice, assistance, or guidance is appreciated.

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Aug 16, 2021
Fort Worth, Texas
Throwing up a flag for help here....

As I was exiting my 2021 LC200 Heritage Edition today, I found an unknown plastic part on the passenger floor board.

I am unable to locate any part number or any indication its a Toyota part. I don't know if it came off my rig from somewhere, or if it might be a part to one of my son's electronic gizmos. I suspect its associated with a wire harness or something under the seat, but before I go digging, I figured I'd give a shout out to the forum folks in the hopes someone has seen this and can quickly tell me what its for.
someone has identified this before, but I forget who/where the thread is.
someone has identified this before, but I forget who/where the thread is.
If someone could help me find that thread, I will most definitely post a part number and location diagram on this thread.

It appears to be a: Sensor Protector - Toyota (72277-33021) - you can make out the "72277A" pair as the inner most part on the seats, one for each side.


…and yup, looks like the seat might need to be unbolted in order to refit it as well.😒

I will conclude the thread with how I resolve it. Gimme a couple days.
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When I found mine after buying my LC used I was like this thing is way too thin and flimsy to be a land cruiser part…Must be from something else. So I tossed it.
i had the same issue. its a clip that goes at the base of the chairs.

I threw mine away before finding out and my OCD regrets it...
Sensor Protector - Toyota (72277-33021)
FOLLOW UP: Okay. There is no need to remove the seat to put this cover back on.

1) Move the seat up and forward to its maximum travel; then
2) Use a pen light and your wife's hands, simply hook the top part of the clip in the top slot and then carefully push on the bottom clip to click the cover back on; and....
3) You're done.

Its kind of a stupid design and I'm not sure if this cover does any good. There doesn't seem to be anything in the seat travel that would interfere with the plug in a way that would require a cover of this type. Perhaps its function is simply to act as a "dust cover"?

Anyway, I'd say this thread is due for closing.

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