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Apr 4, 2005
Inland Empire
So I've used OBDII readers before on my other cars.

I found a thread saying that the device-receptacle is in the engine compartment on the firewall on the passenger side. sweet.

I get to Autozone and find out that what I have is not compatible with OBDII.. OBDI I'm guessing.

Can someone walk me through what I need to do to figure out why I have a Check Engine Light?
My 97 has the OBDII connector in the cab within the fuse box (below and left of the steering wheel). OBDII is supposed to be '96 and newer.
The OBDII connector should be by the fuse box, that's where they connect for my emissions testing.
Your 96 LX450 is OBDII-compliant. The one at Autozone should plug directly into the little port near the fuse box, inside the cab not the engine compartment, and work just fine.
open the fuse panel that's right below your left knee (when you're seated).
You should find a ODB-II plug above the fuses. If you have a reader, plug it in and pull the codes.

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