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Nov 7, 2011
Hello Mud,

I have a 2007 LC with 180,000 miles on the clock and I have been fighting these sympotoms. After about 240 miles of straight driving at 75 and then when coming to a stop the truck starts to idle rough, then has total lack of acceleration, then the truck dies and the CEL VSC off & VSC track lights come on. Truck won't restart. After waiting for 30 minutes the truck starts up, can be driven for about 10 m and the symptoms repeat. I disconnected the battery and reconnected and have been driving around town all week without any issues, until today. After a 240 trip I came to a stop and the symptoms are back.

Parts that are new

After market cats

Both driver and passengers bank 2 02 sensors (dinzo)

8 new coil packs and plugs.

Any one have any thoughts what could be causing this.

Thanks in advance



Jan 17, 2009
Verde Valley, AZ
Am having the same prob w a Corolla, its a firmware problem, something about ambient temp, and coolant temp seem to trigger it, when it is more than 45 degrees temp diff.

You need to find the "readiness monitor driving pattern" modes for your truck.

here is corollas - Toyota Corolla Repair Manual: Readiness monitor drive pattern - Sfi system - Diagnostics

So, you first have to get rid of the CEL. try pulling - batt cable, AND turning key to ON position for 2-3 minutes. Key off, reconnect.

Try starting with foot on accell, and hold it just above 1k on idle for 6-8 mins, you should hear the fan come on. Hold for another 30 sec, then let it drop down to reg idle for 2 minutes at least. Idle should reset. Kill it , and restart. Should be driveable but rough idle at stops.

You can set the braking idle next, start it, let it settle, foot on brake, switch to drive, hold down foot brake for 2 minutes, should set idle under load.

Now you can do the 75 mile run, and when you get near destination, and cat is hot, stop, and hold foot on brake again, in drive, for 2 min.
Should set the deccel cutoff idle.

None of these monitors will set if the CEL is on.....


Nov 7, 2011
So, the truck sat overnight, it started right up the next morning with no CEL or VSC lights on. I took it the the Toyota dealership and they say there are no CEL codes. Really confused now.

The symptoms see to happen after the truck had been driving for long periods of time and then resets its self after sitting for long periods.

Nov 4, 2007
Are new coils Denso?
Is the fuel pump original factory installed?
Is Fuel pressure regulator original factory installed?
Fuel injectors serviced?
Vacuum lines, PCV, air filter, fuel filter and MAF all good?
Oil and filter fresh?
Do you or wife ever top-off gas tank by squeezing Gas Station nozzle after auto shut off?
Is it a rust rig in or every been in the rust belt?
Timing belt, pulleys & tensioner done?
Coolant level checked after 8 hour cool down?
Thermostat good?

A can of 44K or Chevron Techron added to gas tank would be a good start.

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