Help with an injector pump question.

Jul 28, 2007
So I'm up to my armpits swapping power trains in my BJ42. I was swapping on injector pump shut off arm for the other because I couldn't get the cable shut off off the arm. I'm having a miserable time getting it back on. There is a small brass spline on the rod and there appears to be a slot in the hole in the arm. The spline seems wider than the slot? Is it actually supposed to go in their or am I over complicating it? All this work and this little problem is the hold up.
Mar 3, 2012
Adelaide, South Australia
If you've removed the arm.. I'm afraid you're going to have to open the governor housing up to set the position of the fuel control lever shaft properly. As soon as the arm is removed the internal spring on the fuel control lever shaft rotates the shaft to the extent of its travel. This was my experience on a 2H a few years ago which has the same technology pump (assuming you have the inline pump on your 3B)

The spline is not essential if you clamp down the locking nut hard enough (less than ideal).
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