Help with a short lift decision

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Oct 25, 2009
I'd like to see pics of what the MAF 2" X1" level ride kit looks like, especially with 285's if anyone is running it. I would happily go with the 2.5 OME from Slee but the parking deck at my work has a 6.5' clearance and I'm pretty sure I'd really be pushing it. I intend on having a front ARB, likely no winch, sliders and 285's shortly after the lift is installed. Any thoughts, suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is my DD, mostly on pavement and will see light to moderate Michigan trail use no more than 5% of the time (I work alot, sucks but pays for the toys)
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FWIW, Im on a OME 2.5" med lift with 285/75/16's, 25mm front coil spacer and measure at 78" tall... 6.5'. (No armor or load other than Slee sliders)
Thanks for breaking out the tape, I'm actually at 6'2" top of rack to the ground on a level surface. With the 285's + sliders that would probably put me right about there too. Any images you could upload or point me in a direction where you have already posted some?
Obviously my measurement didn't include the rack ;). I have pics somewhere here on mud, but here are some from today and 1 one from last week. The green truck is on 285's loaded on heavies (arb front and pack, fridge, etc, etc).
IMG_1013 (Large).jpg
IMG_1014 (Large).jpg
2010 April - JSC088 (Large).jpg
Very nice, even the same color as mine. Thats exactly the direction I'm thinking. Worse case scenario is I'll have to remove the factory roof rack. Thanks for the help
The MAF 2/1 combo is just OME 851 front spring with 862 rear. I bought just the springs and run them with stock shocks.
The MAF 2/1 combo is just OME 851 front spring with 862 rear. I bought just the springs and run them with stock shocks.

Got any pics of your truck? or a quick suggestion where I can find one to check out?
Where are you located Chef? check out the club house section here for a local clubs.
Here's the setup Chef with 305/70's (an old pic before a 1" body lift, complete liner paint job, and rear bumper):
Arkansas Visit 2009 076.jpg
The MAF 2/1 combo is just OME 851 front spring with 862 rear. I bought just the springs and run them with stock shocks.

How does that feel both on and off road?
Aye, And There's the Rub...

FWIW, Im on a OME 2.5" med lift with 285/75/16's, 25mm front coil spacer and measure at 78" tall... 6.5'. (No armor or load other than Slee sliders)

ChefJ and retrofive are right about where I'd like to be, because I have to fit our truck in a garage door that is 79" tall. It'sactually 82" on the right side, but gotta look at what hits first which ever way you go in right? But even this may not hold, as the tall part of the rear body is differently located than going through the door head-in.

We also travel to the city sometimes and a lot of garages are off-limits once you get to 6'6" (78") or even at a little less than that height.

The truck currently sits at 74.5" with the stock 275/70 R16 Michelin LTX M/S tires (31.3") on it now, with a somewhat weary OEM suspension. There's an ARB, 12k winch, and dual batteries up front and it drives rather tankish with the recently added upgrades, as well as being considerably stink-bugged

I've really been hoping to fit 255/85 R16 BFG MTs, which are 33.3" tall. So that will put the truck at 75.5"tall.

Discussion I've read seems to indicate that the 33" tires either should not rub or will not rub more than a little with the OEM suspension.

I know I need heavies up front. The 850 is the heavy with a 2.5" lift. Is there a stock height heavy? What do I need to look for in taking care of the weight up front and leveling it with the rear, especially since I have to keep things so they'll still fit in the home garage?

In the back, no third seats or roof rack (even OEM, which would fit through the door but is pretty worthless.) A drawer system is coming and we rarely drive it far without 200 lbs of tools, etc and at least another 250 lbs when camping.

We have a M101 CDN trailer we'll be towing sometimes.

So I need some extra capacity in the back, but don't need much lift there. In fact, if it's at a static 2.5" lift, then we're at 78" with the truck, leaving a whole inch and change to give clearance.

And don't bounce going through. Aye and there's the rub, since I'm afraid if I go with too much weight capacity in the back, it could cause the truck to ride as much as an inch higher when it's not loaded. Now we're probably talking more than a rub, probably a dent getting inside.

So maybe OME 860 will keep from getting too much height and give enough carrying capacity? Or is there a stock height heavy spring that is better.

I know I can do some adjusting up front. My inclination is to go with MetalTech for spacers if that is needed.

I would appreciate any advice anyone has on this. I'm now thinking I should go with the lift first, measure how much clearance I end up with then order tires. I could always fall back to the BFG 265/75 R16 (31.9") if I get stuck too high, but I'd rather have a little less lift and a little more tire.

This spring selection stuff has been the thing that I've been most confused about in learning about the 80 series. And having some "hard and fast" limitations on what will fit in our garage leaves me wanting to get this right, even though it's just a "short lift."
Its not bad on road. Off road it gave me a little more room for 33's and does just fine. The stock shocks are the same length as the standard OME shocks. The L's are longer.

When you lift it with new coil springs (to clarify: OME 851's are medium 2.5" front lift springs; 862's are OME stock height replacement rear coils, but they give you about 1.5" of lift and have a higher spring load rate than the stock rear springs) you will now have more up travel and less down regardless of if you are sticking with stock shocks or going OME standards length shocks. L's are different conversation that should involve brake line extensions.

And then there's the discussion of caster and a steering stabilizer. I haven't touched caster and I will put a steering stabilizer on when I go to skinny 38" tire. I can say that I have felt very safe at speeds up to 60mph without the caster. I live on island with a max speed limit of 45mph so I can't say what it would be like at 70mph, but I'll find out in about year when I PCS to the states. I think I would run 255/85's if I could do it again. I've enjoyed the treadwright 305/70's though...I know retreads are a touchy subject for some ;).
Any 2.5" OME lift is going to stinkbug you man, especially with an ARB front bumper. The 2/1 combo would be great with 285/75's and an ARB front bumper.

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