Help Wanted - Hard Top Restoration


Feb 13, 2018
Bay Area, CA
Hey folks -

I've got a hard top that has some serious rust issues, including a completely destroyed top rail (the metal rail that goes around the white top and the sides and other pieces). Doing this work is over my head and I don't have the tools/shop to do it anyway.

The work to be done, essentially, is complete re-do of the top rail, rot cut out and replacement for 3-4 sections of the 2 hard top sides. The lift gate and door posts are in fine shape. The top itself is OK but, if reasonable rates are out there, I'd like the drip rail to be re-done and repaint/seal the top.

I'd like to outsource this to someone. I live on the Peninsula in the Bay Area and I'm scared to go to a local body shop because (a) the price for this work will likely blow my mind and (b) I'd rather find a shop that has done this specific work before on an FJ40 - so I'm not the guinea pig for them to learn about cruisers.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that has done this well before and is more reasonable for labor rates?

Bonus question - any guesstimate on what a reasonable total cost might be?

Thank you,

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