Help w/weird noise...

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Sep 6, 2011
Pasadena, CA
i just replaced the water pump, radiator, belts and hoses on my FJ62.

Cut the shroud in half horizontally as recommended by a lot of folks here.

Learned a few things along the way, replaced some fasteners with new ones, all in all it took longer than I'd hoped for but it's all back together with no leaks and it seems to be cooling properly and the heater is working as it should. I used Toyota coolant and distilled water only when I refilled it.

But now, whenever I stop moving and then start moving again as in stopping at an intersection, there's this weird little noise. Only occurs when it's in drive or reverse, only lasts a second or two, goes away as quickly as it occurs but it's making me a bit worried. Sounds like something is rubbing. My initial thought was that if it's something like a loose fan pulley or fan clutch it wouldn't stop but would get worse as I sped up but that's not happening.

I'm planning a trip up to Yosemite next week and I'd rather not have it break down if possible.

I've tried listening to it while parked, no noise. Checked the belt tension, they seem good, the shroud isn't touching the fan, I checked and rechecked the water pump bolts and the studs attaching the fan clutch and the fan before I put the shroud back on. There "seems" to be a bit more play in the top of the shroud than there was but that could be my imagination and I would expect a little bit given that it's been cut in half. The fan is not hitting the shroud anywhere that I can see.

I'm at a loss as to what to do now.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Worn/broken motor mounts allowing enough movement of the fan to contact the shroud, since the shroud may have been installed in juuust enough of a different location?

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