Help w/ finding reliable Houston area mechanic

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Apr 19, 2008

I've been lurking for awhile on the board as I've been on the market for an 80 for the last few months. I have my eye on a 91 right now that I'd like to have checked out. My mechanical abilities are limited to oil/spark plug/air filter/brake pad changes, but I'd like to get more experience with this vehicle. That being said, I'd like someone with some expertise w/ LC's to give the once over on this vehicle. It'd be nice to know if I'm going to have to immediately put more cash into the car so I can deal more effectively. It's stock and has spent it's whole life in Houston. It was sold from a dealership in January (Mike Calvert) and the owner's selling after only four months. I've searched the board and found that some have found Javier's shop reliable, but I was looking more in the 610 loop.

Thanks to all. You all definitely have a great community here!

Javiers Autos Unlimited. Great guy and knows his cruisers. At any given moment, you would see 3-4 cruisers there being worked on. Javi also wheels a 40. Tell him buck sent ya.

Buck Buchanan

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