Help! Vent Window weather stripping Q 1977 40'

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Apr 18, 2007
Littleton, CO
am in the last stages of rebuild on my FJ40. I am putting the windows/WS back onto the hardtop for re-assembly and ran into a wall and have a silly question

The vent window weatherstripping-it has two sides- a hard bumpy side, and the smooth(er) side with the square tabs in the corners-my question is which side goes to the outside of the vehicle? I forgot it has been soo long!!! Can anyone take a peak at their vent window and let me know...

Here is a link to Cool cruisers for reference if needed- Reference Items "G" and "D"- The pic isn't quite close enough for me to be certain.

A million thanks!
the smooth side goes to the outside for the glass to seal against

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