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Nov 1, 2008
Phoenix AZ
Maf 4413 ?

I just purchased a set of springs to replace my stock ones. I purchased them thinking they were stock off of a 78. Got them home cleaned up the surface rust and the stencil reads MAF 4413 in yellow paint. Please help with the id I know they are Man-A Fre just curious to the specs
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MAF 4413 Springs

Can anyone help with the tech on these springs? i purchased to replace my stock springs and discovered the stencil during cleanup prior to install.
Just need one thread....

Do you have any pictures of these springs?

That 4413# rings a bell....

Could be a add-a-leaf or something else in their "Safari" line...

Drop them a line and ask, WTF is up with this #4413 crap on my springs.....:confused:

They usally reply back.......... nice folks there.......

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