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Dec 15, 2005
sticky steering

i am the proud owner of a stock 88' fj62. i love it and its never done me wrong however the other day i went wheeling and on the last run something happened. i know it was the last run because i had to run the the local auto shop to get an extra length of tow chain for my stuck friend. on my way out after rescuing him in his super duper wrangler that he claimed would never get stuck and that he'd be pulling me out, i must have gone over a log wrong. now when i drive it there is a great deal of play in the steering and wont return back to zero (degrees) at any speed. i jacked and cleaned the truck but to my dismay i could not find anything wrong. nothing was bent, cracked, or missing. any thoughts or past experiences would help alot.

Mar 12, 2004
Get someone to rock the steering wheel back and forth while you under and check for any play or damage. Go from the firewall, down through the ujoints, box and then down underneath to the linkages. You'll need to have resistance so keep the wheels on the ground.


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