Help sourcing quarter panel channel/rail

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Oct 5, 2014
Have been using the resource from this forum of quite sometime now to aid in my build, this is my first post though. I am replacing the quarter panels on my rig and my upper channel/ rail where the hard top sits is rusted out. Tried to repair but couldn't keep the lines straight as i would like. Any help with where to find a replacement would be great. Not my cruiser but a picture of what I'm looking for.

thanks for the sources.

Yeah i've been getting the run around for the past 6 months from PACOL. Tired of dealing with them, or the lack there of, and filing a dispute to get my money back.
I have heard of everyones PACOL experiences. I sell the panels and it come with the upper chanel rail. Price is 245 per side.

another possibility would be to contact ---> Home (in Salida, CO) or any other used 40 parts supplier who may be closer to you

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