Help? Slee Headlight Harness Upgrade

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Jun 4, 2003
Anchorage AK
Okay this might just be my :doh: and just needing a :slap: but I just installed the harness and 80/100w Hella Halogens and now my running lights are the 100w high beems on the inside, and when you turn on the high beams the outside 85w lows come on??? I know I could of switched something but I dont see how or where.


Instantly blew up one of the two new 100w Hella's as well :whoops: :mad: glad I didnt get $90 IPF's :-\
Double check your install as the harness that I got from them a year or so ago worked great.

>> Instantly blew up one of the two new 100w Hella's as well <<


I'll call Slee tomorrow. But my confusion is that there doesn't appear to be a way to install it wrong given the uniqueness of the plugs for the different bulbs. But the fact remains that the high beams (inside bulb) alone are on w/lights set to on, and the lows (outside bulb) come on additionally when you flash the activate the high beams.

The bulb that blew was bad is my guess. The lights came on when I connected the battery. The new hella bulb blew after no more than 5-10 seconds and now has a yellow coating to the inside of whats left of the bulb.
If you've got a meter ... check the relays .

I havent switched the relays yet but that would be my next guess, they're now behind the battery and hard to get at.. The instructions didnt indicate that there was a difference in the two relays. It just said "plug'em in".

Just so I'm not waisting my time here, the outside bulbs ARE supposed to be the you low beam right??? ???
Outside lamps are the low beams, inside lamps are the high beams. The two relays are identical.

Double check your wiring.
Did you remember that your 80's lights are negative switched. In other words, they have +12v all the time and you switch to ground (-12v) completing the circuit. There is a wiring diagram on Christo's web site.
[quote author=Beowulf link=board=2;threadid=6755;start=msg55561#msg55561 date=1067231400]
Did you remember that your 80's lights are negative switched. In other words, they have +12v all the time and you switch to ground (-12v) completing the circuit. There is a wiring diagram on Christo's web site.


Um... while I'm not totally inept, the level of electrical knowledge your hitting there is beyond me ??? Can you dumbify that some more. I'll check the wiring diagram. Dont see how I could of wired it wrong, especially in a way thats reversed as it seemsa (if the relays and such are the same). The connector for the low and high beams are different so you cant mix up the bulbs. One has two groves, and the other has one. If the relays are the same ??? the rest is just plug'n'go really. Taped into the postive battery term for power, There are grounds on right next to the headlight case on the inside of the fender that I assume everybody uses (I cleaned them up nice too).

Thanks for the feedback, its very dark here now. Theyre nice and BRIGHT!!! :D
but too hard to work on. We'll see if mabey slee will have some suggestions tomorrow.

You have the original plugs from your stock headlamps backwards in the harness. Simply unplug and switch the low and high beam connectors going into the harness. The two plugs are the same.

You high beam bulb blew from contamination. You either touched the bulb without knowing it, or got oil on it when intalling it (brushed up against something).

Wow, now thats service. Mr Slee just called me, after seeing my post, to try and help out. Like I said, THATS SERVICE, truely a first for me :D.

Seems he thinks I got a package out of a bad batch, and the wires/clip that you plug into the old bulb plugs on the drivers side are likely backwards, easy enough to switch around. I'll give it a shot this afternoon and see how that goes.

Cary while I think your analysis is the same as slees, the plugs between the two bulbs are not interchangable, 9005 has 1 grove, 9006 has 2 groves or vice versa, cant put the "CLIPS" into the wrong side, but as Slee is suggesting, the pre-wiring could be routed backwards.

I know I didn't touch the bulb, might of bumped the edge of the hole in the headlight case installing it, I was really carefull trying not to do this, as I know the consequences of dirty bulbs and heat.


and a
:cheers: :cheers: :beer:
To Slee Offroad for amazing customer service.
Kudos to those who replied, and a special Kudo's to Christo Slee for TCB in a really exceptional fashion.

Swaped the two wires going into the plugs that tap into your old bulb plug-in's on the DS. Everything now works as its supposed to. :D :D Took all of 10 minutes.
Nice to see that all the little bits put together to make this harness can be carefully taken apart and are suitable to be re-used.
Quality stuff from a quality business.

:cheers: :cheers:
Just goes to show how satisfying it is to buy from, and deal with, a company that stands behind what they sell. :beer: Slee offroad cares that their customers get what they expect. Another example of why many of us deal with them. When I was down there a couple of weeks ago I decided on a part they did not have on hand. Ben called the supplier, had the part fabricated and we drove around gettin it and other things I decided I NEEDED :D to have.

In a world where too many people would have pissed and moaned about a glitch, I applaud your attitude. Here's to ya (hoisting virtual brewski). Most of us who own our own businesses know it's not if a glitch will occur, but when. And what matters is what happens from then on.


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