Help quick- serpentine belt change?

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Apr 30, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Hey guys, all three belts just blew heading up a mountain. Can someone tell me the tools I need and quickest way to change the belts? Are all the belts the same size? Auto store says they only show one v belt. Help!

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Check the water pump, air pump. You can run without the AC belt, if you have to. Pretty much a selection of 12m and 14mm wrenches/sockets, and maybe a pry bar should do it...

But you're gonna have to remove/loosen the fan shround.
105 degrees outside and going up a mt in 1st gear with family and gear in a car. Only the ps belt survived. I'll post the story later. So shroud

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Anyone have a pic of how belts go back on.

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Quick one had the correct size belts and I had my dog wife and 2 yr old daughter. Rigged something that worked well and the truck still overheats. Rented hotel and have a flat bed take it back home tomorrow. I had packed everything to try and get my wife to like camping! We will see how the weekend ends up. They don't even have rental cars up here! Wish me luck. I wonder if my engine is screwed. It got extremely hot

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oh dang you posted while I was typing, Sucks that your trip didn't workout, so are you taking it to a shop? if not you should spin all your pulleys to see if any have locked up, then I'd do a compression test to see if you damaged your motor. The belts have been hard for me to get ahold of in the past, the autoparts stores have had to order them, but they did have them...a/c belt, alt belt, and ps/air pump belt. Good luck, hope you get it figured out and back up the mountain.
I'm going to try and get a tow company to flatbed it back to Atlanta. It's about two hours but state farm says they cover that cost. A lot of things went wrong. No belts in stock, stripped bolts, idler adj screws stripped, and so on. I like working on my truck but not in 100+ weather with family in car on side of autozone. I'm not sure why it's overheating even though water pump is moving. Maybe something melted out of shape causing a block in coolant flow. I learned a lot on this trip. If I can get back to Atlanta, I'm driving my wife's lx470 back up her and camping dam it! We ended up renting a dog friendly hotel room and getting cleaned up. Good times.

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Thats one of the things that aggravated me in the can plan on not being able to find hoses / belts in stock at most locations. Then you can almost bet that the parts person does not really know what vehicle you are talking about and expect to double check any parts you order, once you receive them to make sure they are the correct item. Part of this is the fact how old the vehicle is...and then part of it I assume is the limited production nature of the vehicle which impacts a number of things.

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