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Sep 21, 2007
Bronwood Ga.
Hey guys, im going to order a 3 inch ome lift. install at home whats the best was to order it? from a store or off the internet? and i need help about what to get. i have an arb and winch up front so ill need heavy coil springs and shocks? and in back medium coil springs and shocks?
Just a comment:

Rather than clicky-click ordering it from some unknown website staffed by whoever just walked off the street, I suggest you contact a vendor that sells and installs them, and also supports this site with advertising. They will give you all the free advice you need on what to buy and how to install it. This is one site that comes to mind, but I am sure there are others:

Cruiser Solutions, custom cruisers, restorations, genuine Toyota parts, body tubs, used Land Cruisers for sale

Tedd (owner) drives an FJ as a DD that is totally tricked out, he field-tests every product before he sells it. I often see him on my daily commute.
I don't think it really matters where you get the kit from. Just shop around until you find the best price and go for it. You will need the heavy coils and shocks up front, but for the rear it depends on how much weight you are carrying. I have a lot of armor and gear and I'm running the medium rear coils. They are fine, but I think I'd go heavy if I had it to do over. If you don't plan on a lot of extra weight, mediums are the way you want to go. If you go with heavy in the rear and don't have enough weight, you will have a very harsh ride.
i dont have any thing in the back and dont plan to put much back their unless i go on a road trip or im pullin the boat.
I went with heavies front and rear and don't regret it. I usually have camping gear etc. in the back and haul a trailer a couple times a week. As far as installing the front springs at home, good luck. They are much stronger than stock and the average spring compressor will not do the job. Be prepared to take the front shock/ spring assembly to a shop to put together.
Well, then it sounds like Medium coils will be what you want in the rear. If you can't do the install on your own, DON'T take it to the dealer. In general they are not experienced or competent with aftermarket mods. Hell I don't even let them change my fluids. I've been burnt by them before.... won't happen again!
just installed our heavy ome on all four corners at home last weekend. very do it yourself project as long as you have a helper at some points

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