Help No Low Beams Urgent.

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Mar 18, 2012
Sweeny, TX
So the other night I came home and my lows worked just fine the next morning nothing. All of the marker lights and the highs work just fine. The relay clicks right the fuses are good and I have power to the fuse but nothing at the lights. I leave town for work tomorrow and need to fix this right now
A friend of mine had thi happen on his 91. It endedup being the vltage regulator in the alternater. The voltage went up and blew out several things in the truck. Make sure your alternator voltage is within spec.
Most common failure relating to the headlights on the 80 is the pair of relays (normally 1 black and 1 brown), check they are ok and also check the fuse box where they are plugged in, often burnt. You may hear clicking but that is the relays swapping over i.e. first brown and then the black IIRC.


I think there is a ground wire on either side. Each side goes to a small bolt on the body. May not see it with the battery and the washer bottle installed.

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