HELP NEEDED - Fabbing new rear shackle hangers

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Jan 27, 2010
Fairbanks AK
Howdy yall,

I am fabricating new shackle hangers for the rear of my 71 FJ40. The rear of my rig was all rusted out, so I am fabricating and replacing hte rear cross member, the rear shackle hangers and the diagnal cross members (and adding a reciever)

The question is...
What is the tube/pipe size I need to use for the new shackle hangers?

Mine are rusted up and pitted so measureing it is not working out. I know a bunch of you have done this, I have read the threads, but I have not sound anyone who published shackle hanger tube size. If it matters I will be using poly bushing this time, not rubber.

Thanks in advance.
According to lcwizard [who should know these things;)] it's something like .956 Disclaimer: it was 11pm in his backyard when he told me this, so I'm not 100% sure, but reasonably so.

He also made a point of telling me that when he builds the shackle reversal brackets, he uses the larger 1 3/8ths tube instead since it will cover ALL years of Landcruisers, and most of the aftermarket shops will carry a bushing with that O.D. that will still have the early 40 series I.D.

I bought some 1/38ths tubing based on this info, and it worked out well, so I will use this opportunity to also say thanks to Dave for sharing that info. I plan on building my own custom shackle hangers in the future, and just have the tubes sitting patiently on the shelf at the moment, bushings and bolts installed, waiting for some..........TIME!


Mark A.
That would be a good deal. I dont know if those are stock diameter. I sure woudl like to use the new bushings and pins i already purchased. I might need new pins if I bought these. The new ones I already bought are greasable for poly bushings.

Has no one fabricated shackle hangers to accept stock bushings?
yeah I read a post yesterday about that. crappy
Thanks for the input.. still no one answered my question
i measured one from a frame horn with verniers and it works out to 15/16ths id.the horn was from a 70s fj40.
Dude - I'm cutting mine off this week. You can have them if you pay the shipping.
Save your money.

PM me.

I've used the Ruffstuff ones on 2 builds and while not stock sized, they are 500x more beefy than stock ones. Then you can run a fairly standard 9/16 bolt (or 14mm if you want to stay metric).



for this build I am considering buying the beefy ones mentioned above. I would still like to know the tubing size for future reference.

I did measure it to .965" with some calipers but I am not too confident in that. plus I really would rather have a "tubing size" not a measurement.

Thanks for the input.
One inch schedule 80 black steel pipe provides a nice fit for standard bushings. You can get 6" threaded nipples & cut off the threads and down to lenth. Nice heavy wall thickness too. I haven't fabbed mine up yet but got the material. Hardware stores usually only carry the thinner walled schedule 40 galvanized nipples. You'd have to go to a decent plumbing supply that carries "black" scedule 80 -1" nipples.

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