Help!! My drivers side door wont shut...

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Apr 16, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
Its like the latch is broken or something.. I don't see anything notably wrong with it per-se.

Earlier today I fixed my window that had fallen down in the door, but everything worked fine once I got that fixed up...

I desperatley need help I cant figure the thing out and I can't just leave it open and drive to work etc. etc. etc..

Help! ANY suggestions, pictures, anything will help...
Have you checked to see if the catch is in the closed position? Look at the door end where it catches on the "B" pillar it should be open, As in nothing making a circle or sort, If its in the closed position it will have a circle, So... If its closed, you can use a screwdriver to slide the catch towards the inside of the vehicle as you are lifting the door handle.
Make sense?
If this isnt your issue, Then good luck and try to give a more detailed description of what it is doing.
Howdy! Compare the latch and aNCHOR POST to the passenger door. See if it is OPEN John
Sometimes that plastic sleeve can deteriorate and muck up the latch operation. I just grabbed an exacto and some pliers and started cutting and yanking until it freed up.
resurrecting an old thread, my latch just broke. won't latch itself closed. i can shut it, it just pops back open. i took apart the door, removing the latch looks like a real PITA. I'm sure i need a new latch, has anyone had experience with this?

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