Help me vet this 88 FJ62 236k miles

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They look like a pair of $15k trucks to me. There are cleaner better setup trucks for that price out there and quite a few posted to MUD. The second one with the nasty gouge....if you look close it looks like there is a previous repair attempt with a fair amount of body filler. Things like this make me wary of what else is hidden in the truck.

The first one has lots of little issues that all detract from the asking price which I think is about 2X what it should be in reality.
Found another 89 62 (asking $17k w/ 214k miles).

Waiting on more photos but from what I have seen looks nice. It had a respray and some work done 6 months back with receipt attached. It is maaco which I know not to be of highest quality. Total bill was $4500.

Any thoughts?

89 62 Maaco Receipt

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