Help me plase!!!!! My car won't start

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Jun 13, 2011
Bakersfield, c.a.
Ok I have a 85 fj60 it turns over and it's getting gas but it just won't start..... I changed one of the fusible links, changed the igniter module, the distributer cap and the rotor, and the coil. I checked to see if I was getting power throughout the loom and I'm getting power all the way to the distributer but I'm nothing beyond that..... I can't figure this out, if u could please help me...... Thanks
Are you getting spark from the coil? IF so check spark from the plug wires. If spark at coil but not at plug wires check rotor, also check to see if rotor is turning? Take cap off and crank motor and see if rotor moves. Could be the gear on shaft or cam, maybe the pin that holds gear on Dizzy shaft..good luck
So I checked the rotor and it turns..... like I said I can't figure this out I've tryed everything.... could my distributor just be burnt out... it is all stock just so u know, all 180,000 miles of it
Where are you located? Usually Mud members can be found close by and are willing to lend a hand.
Dumb question:
Have you pulled the plugs yet? last time I changed mine I was amazed I was still firing (because of all the gunk on the plugs).
Test wires for resistance/current
Clean the contacts in the distributor
Make sure moving parts can move
Good luck, electrical is a bee-yotch
Ok so I checked and cleaned the plugs.... there's still no spark out of them..... I changed the ignitor module, the distributor cap and the rotor so the contacts should all be good
Try to find a used working coil and igniter to swap with. May be the coil.
It could also be the gap between the points is off that the current is not passing. Also a bad ground could cause this as well, did you check the ground back to the negative side of the battery.
most likely cause if everything is good is something up stream of the coil and ignitor. What happened when this problem started? I would head in that direction. You should find plenty of friends in Bako.
It could also be the gap between the points is off that the current is not passing.

I think Rusty Gold has some good advice.

The blue arrows highlight the reluctor and the pick up which should have a very specified air-gap between them. (i think that's what they're called)
And when I took it out it was all fuzy and yellow and there wasn't a peace like that on it....and my distdutor is all rusty and nasty...... if I just buy a new distbutor will that module come with it????
I would start with a 15 dollar Digital multi-meter and work back from the battery. That eliminates the change the part syndrome

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