Wanted Help me out guys... fzj80 parts and mods

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Mar 14, 2012
Denver CO
United States
Whats up team?
I am turning to all of you for help as I am trying to build my beloved 80 into a more capable machine. I am 22 years old and my budget is the biggest limiting factor for me as I work on making my 80 series into the beast it has always wanted to be since we fell in love 6 years ago lol. That being said, I was wondering if any of you could help me find any of the parts on my wish list at a reasonable price? I am assuming that I will be buying used parts mostly, but if anyone has suggestions of where I can get any of these things new but inexpensively that would be great as well.

Here is the shortlist of stuff I want/need

1. Shocks- must be compatible with the 4" front Ironman springs and ome 3" rear which I just bought off of Kidglove13. (and am sooo excited to put in asap)
-Maybe a steering stabilizer, castor correction solutions and sway bar drop brackets

2. wheel spacers-probably 1"-2" front and rear

3. Coil spacers 1-2" interested in the metaltech fronts and some of the decent rubber ones

4. Snorkel- I should probably just buy this one new

5. Birfields/ cv joints- 1 or 2

6. Full body lift kit 1-2" or components to put one together

7. tube bumper or even the damage amplifier if it is near scranton PA... ( I also recognize that most of these are gona be out of my price range...)

8 Disco cup holder or cheap toyota pop out one...

9.Y-pipe exhaust piece (mine is badly cracked and leaks after attempts to repair)

10. Baselining parts if you have them laying around (aka anything you assume I might use to preempt disaster) maybe an extra knuckle seal kit?

11. Headgasket kit?? does this exist?

12. Hi-lift jack

13. Rooftop tent

This is just a small list of all the stuff I am lusting after... you guys know how it is... I've got the bug and cant stop learning about and tinkering on this incredible machine. I am also open to buying other cool/useful stiff to help build up my rig if the price is right...

I am still new to the "serious" wheeling stuff and truly appreciate this site and all of your insight. I have been lurking and learning for about a year now and am ready to get more into the game so any help/ advice or parts are greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long winded rant...

Thank you all in advance,
PM sent.

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