help me ID these half doors

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Apr 14, 2004
I picked these up with a HUGE haul of parts two weeks ago, and have not seen anything quite like them before. They look to be company built, not homemade.
They have NO provision for an outside handle, and the inside looks like it was made for some type of vertical jaw-type latch like maybe those old safari doors used, but I dunno.

All help appreciated.:)
154-half door 01.JPG
154-half door 02.JPG
Home made....
no, those are OEM Japan made for the Columbian 40 series..........oh never mind ;)
Thanks for the help guys. Names, pics [especially of the latches] are all appreciated. Can't put a price on them til I know what it's gonna take to complete them.:rolleyes:
Put 'em on Ebay

Call them "factory prototypes" with that Toyota box in the background they'll probably go for $500.

D'oh. Good thing I know you better than that Ed.
what do you want for them?
bump. I guess a couple of people have been asking about these. They're for sale now.;)
Hey there, lived in Kelowna BC for a couple of years and Im sure I saw a truck running around there with a set of half doors like those, I could be wrong but im sure I've seen a set like that.... are the al? or steel? if there Al, give aqualu a call they might know something. If there steel there have been a few cruiser fab shops come and go in Kelowna over the years might be from one of them.
Like I said though could be totally wrong.... but im sure I've seen doors like that before.


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