help me find my FJ40

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United States
I'm looking for an FJ40 to undergo a V8/auto tranny swap.  It doesn't have to run well, but it does have to run, i.e. it has to be able to be driven onto a trailer so it can be shipped to me (if necessary), then towed to my mechanic.

- year doesn't matter, though I would prefer a 75 or newer (76 would be ideal)
- sound, solid frame
- solid body, no diamondplate or holes from rust, some surface rust is fine
- must have factory hard top and hard doors

I can pick up a 5.7L vortec and a 4L60E tranny for relatively cheap (about $2500-$3000 total), so engine/tranny problems are fine, as long as it can be started and driven onto a trailer.

Since it will probably have to be shipped to my house, the rig has to be cheap.  I'd really like to stay under $2000 including shipping, but I can spend $2500 if the rig is worth the extra cash.

It will eventually see a lift (probably skyjacker until I can save for SOA), 35s, disk brakes and power steering, so if any of this stuff has already been done to the rig, it's a plus.

I check e-bay, JTOutfitters, The Landcruiser Trader, Rocky Mountain Criusers, and my local paper weekly.  Maybe some of you with cruisers in your neighborhoods will see something that fits my bill.

Thanks for the help.

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