Help mating 5spd to TC - Cash money

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Jun 19, 2010
Capital of OC, CA
Well, time is money but I can't afford to learn the hard way so....

If anyone could help me mate my h55 and TC I can show my appreciation by the way of $200 cash. I would like to do this on my own but really cannot afford the down time with everything on my plate right now. I prefer to drive then to wrench this vacation time. The TC and tranny do not need anything but to be mated and to be adjusted to install.

I have a compiled all parts needed according to the rebuild/install threads out here. If anyone would like to continue to help and install, well, that would be another $300-400 bucks. I am cleaning out my garage (another summer project) so I'll check this thread periodically.

We can do this anytime before the 18th. I am in Lake Forest CA
Sorry I can't offer any time right now.
Have you posted in the CA clubhouse section?
The only difference between the h42 and H55 are the oiler cup and remember to plug the hole left in the front half of the transfer case under the trans output shaft, 1/4 NPT tap works, no drilling needed.
Good luck, you'll love 5th gear!
Hit up Yotamasters in Corona. They're the best in the area.
I haven't asked the local club that I am member too. I've missed a few meeting now and didn't want to just "ask" for a favor.
I'll call Yotamasters tomorrow.

Funny, I want to "DIY" without the head scratchin'...

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