Help ID'ing a "closest rattle" color

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Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO
If this belongs in Paint and Body so be it...

But I think its a color specific to 60's (maybe 62's)

Below are pictures of my buddie's 60 (an 87) and we got him a new valence
and we are trying to identify if there exists a krylon or other "rattle can" color that is close.

IDK the name of the color other than to say it IS stock and kind of Light Gun Metal with hues of brownish purple.


By trapper50cal at 2009-04-08


By trapper50cal at 2009-04-08

any knowledge????:cheers:
You can take it to any reputable paint and body store and they can color match and stick it in a can for you. cost a little more, but will be much closer than trying to find the right color at wal mart
Except that we are in Durango, CO and those places aren't readily available. No auto paint stores to my knowledge only body shops.
Never been to Durango but I live in Lead, SD and both the NAPA and the Pronto in town can mix paint in the spray bomb variety, you will need the factory paint code and it should match pretty well.

$16 or so a can. For the FJ80 Champagne color. YMMV.

Try calling the body shops and ask them where they get their has to come from somewhere...
My town only has 50,000 peeps and I think that we have 3 or 4 auto paint supply stores. (I know Durango is not that big)
Fair enough. but that was my best answer, other than that, good luck. I hope you find something.
I appreciate the ideas!:cheers:

I think the autozone might have something pretty close

its Briar Biege Brown Metallic, I have to hold the can next to the truck

Sorry if I sounded poopy pants, wasn't my intention

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