Help identifying springs on 1984 BJ60

Aug 14, 2017
Reno, NV
Calling all 60 series lift and spring experts!

Hi all, I have an old beat up ‘84 BJ60 that I finally got around to replacing the leaf spring bushings on.

First, what a nightmare this job has been. Everything is so seized together that a sledgehammer and angle grinder have been the star of the show.

Anyway, I Ordered the Manafre leafspring bushing kit for the 60 series, And after Painting the springs and replacing the bushings, when I went to push the spring up to slide the pin through, I realized the bushings I have are too thick at the shoulder and prevent the spring from being able to go into the frame mount.

The bushings seem to be 1-1.5mm too thick on the shoulder, and it’s preventing me from finishing the job.

I plan to source a belt sander and just sand down the difference, but now I’m mega confused as to what is actually on my truck in the first place.

When I bought it 5 years ago, I was told the truck has an old man emu 2 1/2 to 3 inch lift (or 1.5-2” cannot remember)

I called the helpful folks over at ManaFre, and they told me the OEM leaf springs for a 60 series should be exactly 2 and 3/4 (2.75) inches wide. These springs on all four corners are 2 and 8/10 (2.80) inches wide. This would explain why the bushings aren’t working.

In my very untrained opinion, the front leaf spring looks a lot like an oem spring, But the truck is definitely riding above stock height. And the springs are supporting the extremely heavy 3B engine in the front of this truck.

The rear springs look a little bit more like what I would expect from old man emu. You can see the bands holding the spring pack in line are bolted, they’re not the crimp-on style that you see on the front spring and on OEM springs.

Does anyone have any clue why my leaf spring packs are wider than the OEM or old man emu Spring packs which are supposedly 2.75 inches wide and not 2.80 inches wide?

I’m wondering if these are lifted springs from a different brand other than OME or possibly even leaf springs from a different manufacturer entirely such as Ford or something like that.

Any thoughts on this matter are welcomed!


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Jun 30, 2017
It’s not uncommon for aftermarket spring packs to require different sized bushings than the original Toyota bushings.

Maybe contact They sell aftermarket springs and have different bushings available too. (Or at least used to).

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