Help. I need a Cruiser Mechanic near Ohio

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Mar 6, 2015
Centerville, Ohio

This forum has been so helpful and I would like to tap into a bit of all the knowledge here.

I have a 97 Lx-450 with only 134k miles. I seriously love the rig and consider it my best vehicle ever. Unfortunately the front end oil leaks have become a serious issues. The WAF (wife annoyance factor) has increased and the leakage in the garage has increased over the past 3 months to about a quart every 300 miles. I really do not have the time to clean it up and look for the 3-4 common culprits and would like to turn it over to somebody that knows these vehicles.

My suspicion is that it is the front timing chain cover and the distributor.

Does anybody know of a reputable mechanic that could do this in the Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana area? Does anybody have an idea what kind of service I could get from the dealer if I have no alternatives. My opinion is that this vehicle is so old that even there the work would be hit or miss.

Personally I would steal clear of the dealerships. There are several good Cruiser mechanics in and around Ohio.

Where are you located in or near Ohio?
Thanks for the replies. We live between Dayton and Cincinnati. The Lancaster link seems dead. The vehicle has not seen the dealer during my ownership (8 years) and I would like to keep it that way.

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