help finding relays bj42

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alberta mac

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May 21, 2009
Paradise Calgary Alberta Canada
My truck has been sitting for years and am getting around to the wiring now.
Parked in 2006, 1983 BJ42 24 volt

just trying to locate the signal relay and other instrument cluster relay's.
Need to know where to look ? thanks
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Have you pulled them apart and had a look inside if so keep checking ebay every week they will come up sooner or later or send PM for wrecker downunder who might have them.
The relays should still be on the truck ! when I put it in the garage a few things were not working at that time in 2006, truck is 24 volts
Currently I have replaced the engine mounts and for some reason the signals and running lights are not working, the head lights come on.
Other electrical items are also not working including the hazards, and wipers.
Not knowing where to go except chasing ground wires at this point. fuse panels have been checked and ok.
making some head way ! found that the signal relay was not on the truck, found one and installed it and now have tail lights, brake lights and hazards except no turn signals ?
The windshield wipers are not working either ? wondering if there is a relay for that also ?
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